About Sue

I came from a fairly large family (3 girls and 2 boys), and we all learned how to do many things that, not only saved our money but, helped us become self-sufficient and prepare us for life.

Sewing was taught by a european master (my mother), and I have been making, sewing, repairing and redesigning since I was able to hold a needle and thread, starting with dolls and doll clothes then to items for myself. Once proficient with many aspects of construction, I began working on various projects for family and friends.
Later, when I had my own family (6 girls), I taught them many of the things I had been taught when I was younger. For many years, as I was teaching my girls sewing at home, I was also teaching sewing to dozens of children through a local 4-H club.

While teaching through the '80s, I was regularly taking classes to expand and improve on my own techniques and skills. QBJ Creations was a sewing, alteration and repair shop that I ran by myself for over 10 years in the late '90s.

In the natural progression of that early training from my mother and father, then raising my own family, now with the aide of my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, at "Deja Sue", we are creating custom projects for our clients along with expert alterations, creative repairs and unique gifts.

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